Supplies N’ Beyond Eco Products – Are Our Toner Cartridges Any Good?

Supplies N’ Beyond Eco-Friendly, Affordable Toner for Businesses: Are our cartridges any good? No… They’re F-ing great.

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Video Transcription:
Hi, I’m Amy, with

The only eco-conscious office supplies e-store in the country.

What does that mean to you? That means you can buy the only eco-friendly, high quality toner cartridge on the market… Right now…

Yeah. The cartridges are eco-conscious and high quality.

Are the toner cartridges any good? NO… our cartridges are F-ing great.

Do you like overspending thousands of dollars on brand name cartridges every year?

We’ll save you 40% on the only high quality, low cost, true alternative to these blood suckers.

Umm… Do I look like Sookie Stackhouse?

And what if the “Made in China” manufacturing companies that brought you poisoned baby milk, contaminated pet food and dangerous infant toys turned over a new leaf with those cheap ass toner cartridges they’re selling you online? What if…?

Yeah, and if my aunt had balls…? She’d be my uncle.

Stop getting burned by cheap knock-offs and stop overpaying for quality.

The engineers that built your brand name cartridges are the same engineers cooking up our marvelous product. And, we’re offering our high quality cartridges for a fraction of the cost.

I’m no rocket scientist but I’m pretty sure I can do the math here.

Way to go team!

Stop buying cheap Chinese knock-offs, stop overpaying for quality, make a difference, save the world, buy quality recycled toner cartridges and logon to, let’s do this!