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At SuppliesNBeyond, we get countless calls a day from confused customers, wondering how and why they got duped by what they thought was a high-quality toner


Why Your “Recycled” Brand Toner Cartridge Doesn’t Look Like The Original?

Why Your “Recycled” Brand Toner Cartridge Doesn’t Look Like The Original?

So, you’ve done your research and decided to take the leap into buying recycled toner cartridges instead of the high-priced brand toner cartridges you usually do.
You’re feeling good; you’re even feeling…”green.” The shipment comes, you open the box and BAM – you immediately regret your decision to buy recycled toner because you can automatically tell that it doesn’t look like the regular brand toner you’re used to getting – even though it advertised itself as recycled brand toner.

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It’s ok – don’t freak out! There are a few reasons why this particular toner you bought doesn’t look like the original. We aren’t saying they are good reasons, but there are definitely ways to avoid these issues in the future and make sure that the recycled toner you are purchasing comes exactly as it should look and works just as well as the original brand toner.
So, why does the “recycled” brand toner cartridge look so different than the original? There are two main reasons:

Reason #1 – You Bought a “Clone.”

The alleged “recycled toner cartridge” is not really a recycled version of the original – it’s a “clone.” A clone is a knock-off of the original brand product, whereas a legitimate recycled toner product is just that… a recycled version of the original brand product! NOT a copy. The recycled toner clones are made in Asia and are actually just molds of the original brand product. These molds are produced using low-grade plastic, which is inferior in quality and can’t even be recycled after use.

Bad news!

This means not only are you not getting the product that you thought you were getting, these products are contributing even MORE to the growing e-Waste issue and are the furthest thing from being “green.” Companies with no integrity are duping you!

Reason #2 – You Got a Low Quality, Remanufactured Product.

Many times, companies will cut corners when recycling and remanufacturing toner consumables. That choice affects not only the aesthetics of the recycled toner cartridge, but also the electro-photographic process of the actual cartridge. This makes the quality of the print jobs go down extensively. An extremely low price associated with “recycled toner cartridges” is typically a dead giveaway for quality and integrity with regards to both clones and low quality recycled cartridges.

What can you do to make sure you’re buying truly recycled toner cartridges with high quality?

First and foremost, do your research on the types of issues we mentioned above and the company you are purchasing your recycled toner from.
Make sure the company you choose to purchase from has transparent business practices, places an emphasis on sustainability, corporate social responsibility and being “green,” and that they are willing to get on the phone with you to answer any of your questions before making your purchase.

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